Customer Service 360

About Customer Service 360

Fed up with the feeling of being forced to ‘settle’ for a sub-standard level of service, Shelley and Kate Thomson decided to do something about it.

Early research exposed an enormous problem – that in a respected global survey Australia was regrettably ranked second last for customer service. This discovery stirred the girls to join forces and take action to not only elevate the existing level of service on offer to Australian customers, but to also share the incredible business benefits that great customer service delivers.

And so, Customer Service 360 was born….

Customer Service 360 combines Shelley’s customer service expertise with Kate’s writing and screen production skills, to create powerful, entertaining and informative online content to inspire both customers and the customer service industry.

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Essential Service Skills online customer service program – View program details here

Essential Service Skills is a fun, easy-to understand and practical online learning program that will take your customer service to the next level.

The program covers everything you need to build a solid, positive customer service culture within any business. Before you know it, you and your service team will be delivering sensational customer service – guaranteed to instantly set you apart from your competitors.

The program is divided into 13 different multimedia modules with videos, checklists, tips, techniques and activities.

Each module contains proven strategies … tried and tested in multiple industries … over more than two decades …

One of the exciting things that sets the Essential Service Skills program apart from other courses available is you can start using these successful service strategies immediately…

About Shelley & Kate Thomson

20150308_SDP_0142Shelley and Kate Thomson are theCustomer Service Sisters.

Shelley is a respected customer service consultant with more than 25 years’ experience. She has helped countless businesses to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and grow faster. She has also spoken on stage numerous times about practical customer service strategies.

Kate is an experienced writer and film producer. Her skills and expertise were the key to transforming Shelley’s knowledge into the informative, entertaining and easy-to-use program we called Essential Service Skills.

Buoyed by the initial response to their first online learning program, the sisters have now made it their mission to fast-track the business growth of 10,000 small to medium businesses by 2020.

How are they going to achieve this?

By improving customer service of course!

And in the process they also aim to help businesses understand the powerful – and profitable – link between great service and business growth.

The sooner you embrace the reality that ‘great service is great for business’ the sooner you’ll start to experience genuine, long-term growth in your business.

So how do Shelley and Kate plan to springboard current service levels?

Well, Kate took Shelley’s successful learning systems and transformed them into a series of effective, informative and entertaining learning modules. Once combined, these individual modules form a powerful foundation program that any business can use to increase customer satisfaction and business growth.

This foundation program is called the Essential Service Skills program and as far as the Customer Service Sisters are aware…

It’s the fastest, easiest and most fun way to increase customer loyalty, boost sales and grow your business up to twice as fast.

So, how does the program work?