Mentoring and Business Coaching

As the business owner or as a senior manager, ask yourself the “Taxi Driver” question … “Where are you going?”

If the questions listed below are not clearly set out by the owners and managers, then how can the staff be passionate and committed to “rowing the boat” if they do not have clarity with the direction of the business.

Be clear. Be focused. Be cohesive.

A Strong Leader Knows when to Seek Counsel and Advice

As a great leader it is a sign of strength to acknowledge what you don’t know. An excellent leader seeks counsel to find out the answers. Vital for the owners and managers, critical for the staff who rely on them. Think about this. Why is Jamie Oliver such a successful global business? He has a mentor.

Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google … “Everybody needs a business coach. Amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can see.”

Don’t be proud. Be smart. Seek advice and then move on to the next business mentor. Also be intelligent and invite your accountant to be a part of the process because they are a vital partner in your business journey.

Having a confidant, mentor or coach takes so much pressure off you from having to know it all, and trying to learn everything.

Who is your business?
What is its personality?
Are you WORKING IN the business or investing dedicated time ON THE business?
What are the CORE VALUES of the business?
What is the PURPOSE of the business?
What are the STRENGTHS of the business?
What are the WEAKNESSES of the business?
What are the OPPORTUNITIES of the business?
What are the THREATS of the business?
What are the ACTIONS that are needed to be planned, implemented and reviewed?
What are the KEY INITIATIVES that need to be set and monitored over each 90 day period?
What are the ROCKS & ACCOUNTABILITY that each person in the business must answer to every 90 days?
What is the BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS IDEA that will inspire everyone in the business all the time?
What is the UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION that defines what your business as distinct from your competitors? What is the ELEVATOR PITCH that everyone who works in the business can roll of their tongue in nine seconds? What is the MARKETING STRATEGY of the business and how often is it monitored and reviewed?
What is the SALES STRATEGY of the business and how often is it monitored and reviewed?
What are the BUSINESS TARGETS for revenue, gross profit, net profit, shared profit distribution, value of the business? What is the COMMITMENT TO TRAINING AND UPSKILLING current and future staff?
What is the WALK OUT THE DOOR sale price of the business?

To bring all this together with cohesion, you need to establish a 90 DAY STRATEGIC & ACTION PLAN, have a confidant, mentor or coach to help you facilitate the process and outcomes.

For growth and increased profit, answering all of these questions within a structured plan, AND implementing them, will be the key to your ultimate success.

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