To develop an understanding of organisational structures and how to choose the right structure for a particular type of operation. This module will also focus on the characteristics of various types of service operations and their relationship with service efficiency. Issues related to particular behaviours within an organisational structure will be covered by the module on ‘Organisation Behaviour’.

Each course takes around ten hours of self-paced time. Included in the purchase price is up to two hours of one on one online coaching.


To be able to analyse the effectiveness of existing organisational structures and to create an organisation which satisfies the needs of a particular business operation.


As an outcome of completing this topic you will be able to:

  1. To identify the factors which influence the type of organisation adopted.
  2. To develop the concept of a service model.
  3. Establish the role of third party operators.
  4. Explain the interaction with other equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
  5. Explain how multi-vendor servicing can be integrated into a service business.
  6. Describe the role of supplier/service provider.

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