To develop an understanding of the role of quality in industry including quality standards, accreditation, and the quality processes in use today. The practical issues of quality will also be developed and related to business performance.

Each course takes around ten hours of self-paced time. Included in the purchase price is up to two hours of one on one online coaching.


As an outcome of completing this topic you will be able to:

  1. To describe the Deming philosophy.
  2. To describe quality in service organisations.
  3. To describe the process for building a service quality culture.
  4. Explain the background to quality accreditation today.
  5. Describe the quality accreditation standards applicable to industry.
  6. Explain the concept of ‘Total Quality Management’ (TQM).
  7. Explain key quality definitions.
  8. Explain the principles of the quality system with ISO 9000 Accreditation.
  9. Explain the purpose of bench marking.

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