To develop the skills required to prepare professional reports and presentations.

Each course takes around ten hours of self-paced time. Included in the purchase price is up to two hours of one on one online coaching.


To understand the various types of reports used in an organisation along with the attributes for making a good report or presentation.


As an outcome of completing this topic you will be able to:

  1. Identify types of reports.
  2. Develop the concepts for preparing a quality report.
  3. To determine what makes a good report.
  4. Establish the focus of a report.
  5. Importance of understanding the reason and purpose of a report.
  6. To be able to create a professional presentation.

These are regular reports, e.g. monthly which are designed to report on progress against objectives.

They may also be progress reports on special projects.

The length of these reports is important. They should not be lengthy. Statements of progress and actions taken with respect to specific issues, along with a summary are generally all that is required.

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