“I have known Garry for more than 7 years, originally as a business colleague but later as a trusted friend and adviser.

Garry is overflowing with enthusiasm and puts his heart and soul into his passion for helping people develop their full potential, which he does more than anyone I know. What’s more, he lives what he coaches others in.”

Keith Millar
Coach, Gazelles International

“Garry’s ability to deal with all levels of corporate business was something I admired. Garry did not distinguish by title or revenue, but by the individual he came in contact with, his empathy and sense of humour were something to look forward to.”
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Gary Bell
Director/Founder, MontDon Professional Services

“Over the years, I’ve seen Garry deliver high-quality, high-volume work over prolonged periods and under high pressure. He possesses a unique skill of being able to diagnose complex problems and then work with key stakeholders to craft successful and enduring solutions.”
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David Burlew
CEO, Adeal Pty. Ltd.

“I have seen Garry’s work and am only disappointed that I will be overseas and will miss this workshop. I can endorse this man 100%.”

Peter Conroy
Peter Conroy, TEAM JP Wellness Partners

“Garry has an excellent understanding of business operation, which he combines with vision and entrepreneurial flair to look beyond the obvious, and to identify possibilities that could take a business to the next level and beyond.”

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Lindsay Champion
Lindsay Champion, Director, Innovative Industry Solutions Pty Ltd

“Garry is a strategic thinker, who has many suggestions on driving businesses forward. Garry is able to deal with a wide range of topics ranging from management of businesses, dealing with challenges to the development of people. Garry is very passionate about people development to aid business and self-improvement. I myself have often taken advice from Garry, which has been implemented with fantastic results.”

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Hymie Jechilevsky
Hymie Jechilevsky , Trend Windows