Gary Bell

How does one get to know Garry Prigg? (I will answer that shortly)

I met Garry several years ago when I was a running a winery with a long history, we could not decide on a charity to align ourselves with that was worthy and committed to what they stood for. We sponsored a charity golf day and it was then I met Garry Prigg.

He not only stood proud for the charity he represented but was the most approachable person I had met for a while. He ran the day with sleek precision and people gravitated to his warm and engaging style and soon everyone was involved to support his cause the Cerebral Palsy Education Foundation.

His passion, commitment, dedication and professionalism were for me unmatched in any charitable organisation I had encountered and I quickly made the decision for the Company to align themselves with Garry and CPEC.

In the following years it was not about the “Cheques to be written” but the involvement and all Garry’s corporate partners worked together for mutual benefit and in turn CPEC prospered from the results, very different from my previous experience.

Garry’s ability to deal with all levels of corporate business was something I admired. Garry did not distinguish by title or revenue, but by the individual he came in contact with, his empathy and sense of humour were something to look forward too.

Fast forward

Garry has now changed his direction in life and I have watched this formulate over past years, in my opinion Garry is not trying something new, this direction has chosen him for his corporate knowledge, his education, dedication and his life skills. I know he will bring success to all who are fortunate enough to come in contact with him.

So back to my original question.

How does one get to know Garry Prigg……? My answer would be blessed and lucky!

Gary Bell
Director and Founder of MontDon Professional Services