Hymie Jechilevsky

I first met Garry at a Business Group meeting that I am a member of.

Garry joined our group and has been a regular contributor for many years now. Within this group, Garry is very highly regarded for his understanding and down-to-earth approach. He is a good listener and a very good speaker, who commands attention.

Garry is a strategic thinker, who has many suggestions on driving businesses forward. Garry is able to deal with a wide range of topics ranging from management of businesses, dealing with challenges to the development of people. Garry is very passionate about people development to aid business and self-improvement. I myself have often taken advice from Garry, which has been implemented with fantastic results.

What I appreciate so much with Garry is his ability to cut through unnecessary information which can clutter decision making, keep everyone happy and deliver results.

I would highly recommend Garry as business coach. He is a pleasure to work with.

Hymie Jechilevsky
General Manager – Vic/Tasmania