Lindsay Champion

I have known Garry Prigg for over five years, both in a professional capacity and as a friend.

I have worked with him on a project in the not-for-profit sector, and more recently have been associated with Garry in identifying key requirements to progress a start up business towards global commercialization.

Garry has an excellent understanding of business operation, which he combines with vision and entrepreneurial flair to look beyond the obvious, and to identify possibilities that could take a business to the next level and beyond. He has the ability to quickly identify the critical success factors that a business needs to develop, and then outline ways in which these may be achieved. His approach then is to bring together the best available people with the most appropriate skill sets to address the needs of the business.

Garry has excellent interpersonal and presentation skills, and the ability to relate well to, and communicate effectively with, people from a wide variety of backgrounds – from children with a disability to Government ministers.

He has a genuine concern for the individual and a desire to achieve outcomes that are in their best interests. His integrity and honesty are of the highest order, and he is passionate about his personal development and becoming the best person that he can be.

Garry is a pleasure to work with and has a great sense of humour. I commend him to you.

Lindsay Champion
Director, Innovative Industry Solutions Pty Ltd